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Seniors Creating Futures

When you reflect back on the past several years, surely CU has made a difference for you. Perhaps it shaped your character, built a foundation for lifelong learning, or opened doors for career options and a bright future.

As a member of the class of 2014, you have the opportunity to make a difference for future CU-Boulder students and support the place that means so much to you. Join us in carrying on the tradition of giving back to our community and leaving our mark on CU forever by donating to the Senior Giving Campaign.

Whether you can give $5, $20 or more, adopting the spirit of giving back is a great step toward becoming a Forever Buff and staying connected to CU as an alumni.

With your donation, you can support your school or college, a favorite program, or help establish a scholarship fund to support deserving students on campus for generations to come.

The choice is yours. You have it in our power to determine the legacy you leave. When we all come together, we truly are Creating Futures.

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