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2013 Arts and Sciences Faculty and Staff Campaign Frequently Asked Questions

Creating Futures is the largest, most successful campaign in CU’s history; please help us sustain the futures you are actively involved in creating with your work. With one gift, you can make a difference for a whole year. Your generosity is truly Creating Futures!

Q.  What is the Faculty and Staff Campaign?
A. The Faculty and Staff Campaign allows every member of the CU family to help support CU’s mission through personal financial contributions.

Q.  Who is included in the Faculty and Staff Campaign?
A. All full-time faculty and staff.

Q.  I already give so much of my time, why should I contribute financially?
A. While the sacrifices you make for CU are beyond measure, making a voluntary philanthropic contribution is another way to strengthen CU, ensuring a thriving CU for generations to come.

Q.  Many organizations ask for my support, why should I donate to CU?
A. Giving back to CU sends a powerful statement to your colleagues and our community. Here at CU we rely on the generosity of our community so that we may continue to provide outstanding academic, research, outreach and health programs. Each year, contributions from thousands of individuals support everything from research initiatives to need-based scholarships, providing us with the funding needed to be the best at what we do.  Join the community and fellow colleagues in supporting CU today.

Q.  Is participation in the Faculty and Staff Campaign mandatory?
A. No. Financial contributions are completely voluntary.

Q.  Does my donation have any influence on my performance review?
A. No. Giving has no influence on any performance evaluation. You will not be solicited by anyone in a direct supervisory role.

Q.  Is there a minimum donation amount?
A. No.  Gifts of all sizes are appreciated and count towards the campaign.

Q.  Does the foundation take a percentage off my donation?
A. No. 100% of your gift goes directly to the fund of your choice.

Q.  How do I make a donation?
A. There are many ways to donate to CU. You can donate online at, through payroll deductions, or by completing and returning the donation form that was recently mailed to your home or office.

Q.  What are my payment options?
A. Payment options include payroll deductions, personal checks, credit card, debit card, cash, planned gifts, or gifts of stock.

Q.  Can I use a payroll deduction?
A. Yes.  Payroll deductions are available for CU employees only.  Sign up for payroll deductions in the amount of your choosing by mailing or emailing the payroll deduction form to – Processing at 10901 W. 120th Avenue #200, Broomfield, CO 80021 or  The form can be found at

Q.  Can I choose where I want to designate my donation?
A. Yes, you can choose to designate your support.  You are encouraged to give to your philanthropic passion: students, academic research, college priorities, or athletics – the options are limitless. If you need help in choosing a fund, each department has picked 2-3 departmental priorities which are listed on the Arts and Science Faculty and Staff Campaign website.

Q.  Is there a deadline for making my gift?
A. Gifts to CU can be made at anytime throughout the year.  To be eligible for the Arts and Sciences Faculty and Staff campaign match you must give on or before December 31, 2013.

Q.  How do I donate online?
A. Visit

Q.  Can I make an anonymous donation?
A. Yes, please specify on your donation form that you want your gift to be listed anonymously.  We would still like to have your contact information so that we can thank you properly, but your name will not be shared publicly.

Q.  What is the source of your faculty and staff data?
A. All data was shared from CU’s account management database, PeopleSoft, to the University of Colorado Foundation’s donor tracking database, Advance. The current data was transferred between the university and foundation in July 2013, with a small update for new faculty and staff in September 2013.

Q.  If I have more questions, who can I contact?
A. Please contact CU-Boulder Development at 303.492.5687 or