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CU Denver's Business School: Support a Great Enterprise

A new building in the heart of downtown Denver is a critical component of the Business School’s vision to be a leading public urban business school. Integrating the school into the fabric of the business community to maximize collaborative partnerships and engagement, the building holds promise for students, faculty, and Colorado’s business community alike.

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Act I Scene I: Enter Stage Wright

When the Colorado Shakespeare Festival (CSF) debuted in 1958, Ruth and Ken Wright were in the audience. Since then, they’ve marked each summer with another festival of performances.

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Rocio Padilla

Rocio, Rosaura, and Roberto Padilla overcame long odds before even reaching the UCCS campus. Growing up in rural Manzanola, few of their peers pursued higher education: after all, there were fields to be worked.

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A New Biotechnology Building

The concept is simple. Bring together CU’s stellar talent in the fields of biology, physics, engineering, chemistry, biochemistry, computer science, and medicine to create a dynamic environment fostering innovation and discovery. When experts from diverse disciplines work side-by-side on a daily basis, sparks fly and ideas flourish.

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The CU Annual Fund: Strength in Numbers

Rory Moore was a third-year medical student when she attended her first birth. “I knew then that it was something I wanted to be a part of,” she says.

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