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Discovery and Innovation

CU-generated research protects our home front and expands our horizons. It helps us adapt to change and harness it for the better. It improves our harmony with the natural environment and with each other. And it makes our families and communities healthier.

CU researchers collaborate across disciplines to discover and apply new ideas on a scale as small as the cell, and as vast as the universe. In fields such as energy, aerospace, and medicine, we work with nonprofits, industries, and federal laboratories on problems that can’t be solved alone. We overcome social and economic challenges, and uncover mysteries around the world. And our entrepreneurial approach speeds ideas from research labs to medical clinics, industries, and communities.

Great research universities pull together brilliant minds and cutting-edge technology into collaborative settings ripe for breakthroughs. Your support for Discovery and Innovation helps CU confront the challenges of our time.

CU’s initiatives include:

  • A Bachelor of Innovation program in Colorado Springs that helps aspiring entrepreneurs work in team settings,  and convert ideas into marketable products and businesses
  • A Renewable and Sustainable Energy Initiative in Boulder that will balance energy needs with production capabilities, and generate technical and social solutions to natural resource challenges
  • A Bioengineering Department in Denver that brings together engineers, clinicians, and researchers to speed  development of heart valves, insulin pumps, diagnostic imaging, and other advances
  • A Stem Cell Biology Center at Anschutz, that takes advantage of world-class expertise to produce game-changing research at one of medicine’s most active frontiers