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Learning and Teaching

CU prepares students to succeed in diverse careers and communities, and inspires lifelong enthusiasm for learning. Our 4,000 faculty members blend academic expertise with professional achievement, in pursuits ranging from pharmaceutical development to elementary education. We use innovative classroom approaches to foster new ways of learning, and deploy online technology to serve students and citizens beyond our campuses.

For a CU student, an African village, a surgical ward, a Senate chamber, even a dormitory may be a critical stop on the educational journey. Diverse experiences help students convert theory into action—and our alumni’s success is proof positive that CU gives students the tools they need to thrive.

Your support for Learning and Teaching enhances education at CU, and gives students the wisdom, perspective, and passion tomorrow’s leaders will need.

CU’s initiatives include…

  • A new Business School building in Denver that will forge stronger connections among students, faculty, and the vibrant downtown business community
  • Projects that transform how students learn, such as CU Teach in Boulder and UTeach in Colorado Springs, which train a new generation of teachers in key subjects including the science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) disciplines
  • An upgraded Science Building in Colorado Springs that gives aspiring scientists the classroom space, laboratory facilities, and technology they need for 21st century science education
  • Scholarships and fellowships, particularly at the School of Medicine, so that students throughout the university can attend CU, regardless of background or circumstances
  • Endowed faculty chairs to ensure that CU recruits and retains world-class educators and researchers in a wide array of disciplines