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  • David Breternitz Endowment for Archaeological Field Research
  • Earl Morris Scholarship Fund
  • George Armelagos Memorial Flatirons Fund for the Department of Anthropology at the University of Colorado Boulder

Applied Mathematics

  • Applied Mathematics Department
  • Applied Mathematics Faculty Lecture Fund
  • Applied Mathematics Undergraduate Student Scholars Endowment Fund
  • Henrie-James Excellence in Education Fund II

Area of Greatest Need (Discretionary Fund)

Art & Art History

  • Art and Art History Department
  • Artsbridge Fund

Asian Languages & Civilizations

Asian Studies Center

  • Edward G. Seidensticker Endowment Fund

Astrophysical & Planetary Sciences

  • APS Chair Endowed Discretionary Fund
  • Astrophysical & Planetary Sciences CCAT Fund
  • Astrophysical and Planetary Sciences Friends of Astronomy Fund
  • Astrophysics Graduate Fellowship Fund
  • Carl Hansen Memorial Fellowship Fund
  • Ray Mace Smith Graduate Fellowship in APS
  • Susan E. Wesley Endowed Scholarship Fund

Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences

Biofrontiers Institute

  • American Gut Project Research Fund
  • Biofrontiers Institute Current Fund
  • Biofrontiers Institute Undergraduate Education Fund

Center for British and Irish Studies

Center for Humanities & Arts

  • Humanities Department Fund
  • Kirkland B. Greer Memorial Scholarship Fund

Center of the American West

Center to Advance Research and Teaching in the Social Sciences (CARTSS)

  • CARTSS General Gift Fund

Centers, Institutes & Initiatives

Chemistry & Biochemistry

  • Edward L. King Fellowship Fund
  • Tad and Carol Koch Fellowship Fund in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry


  • Classics Department
  • Classics Rome Excavation Fund
  • Joy King and Barbara Hill Graduate Support Fund
  • Sikyon Excavation Project Fund
  • Western Argolid Regional Project in Classics

College of Arts and Sciences

College of Arts and Sciences Scholarships

  • Afghanistan Scholarship in the College of Arts and Sciences
  • Buffalo Bicycle Classic Scholarship Fund
  • Cliff Hall Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • College of Arts and Sciences Scholarship Fund
  • Hazel Anderson Gilman Scholarship Fund

Colorado Shakespeare Festival

  • Colorado Shakespeare Festival Guild Endowment
  • Richard M. Devin Endowed Fund for the Colorado Shakespeare Festival


Conference on World Affairs

  • Conference on World Affairs Archives Fund
  • Conference on World Affairs Athenaeum Fund

Conflict Information Consortium (CIC)

CU Art Museum

CU in DC Program

  • CU in D.C. Program Fund
  • CU in DC Scholarship Fund
  • Hank Brown CU in D.C. Scholars Endowment Fund
  • J. Gregory Davis and Lynn Hopton-Davis Scholarship Endowment Fund
  • Maskus Global Policy Scholars Endowment

Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

  • Marion and Gordon Alexander, and Anne Alexander Bingham Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Maxy Pope Alles Botany Support Fund
  • Mel Cundiff Biology Endowment
  • Robert C. Averett Graduate Research Fund

Economics Department

  • Economics Department
  • Economics Faculty Enhancement Fund


  • Alex McGuiggan Scholarship Fund
  • Brad Feld and Amy Batchelor Fund for MAL (Media Archaeology Lab)
  • Doug Burger Lecture Series Fund
  • English Department
  • Joanne Easley Arnold Scholarship Endowment Fund

Environmental Studies Program

Ethnic Studies

Film Studies

Fiske Planetarium

French & Italian

  • French and Italian Department Fund
  • French and Italian Visiting Lecturer Endowment Fund

Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Studies Certificate Program


  • Albert W. Smith Geography Scholarship Fund
  • Gary L Gaile DART Graduate Fellowship in Geography
  • Geography Department
  • Geography Graduate Student Support Fund
  • James A. and Jeanne B. DeSana Graduate Research Scholarship Fund
  • Karl and Barbara von Dreden Stacey Scholarship Fund
  • Mable B. Duncan Scholarship Fund
  • Theodore C. Myers Memorial Fund

Geological Sciences

  • Bill Braddock Geology in the Field Endowment
  • Bruce Curtis Graduate Student Fellowship in Geological Sciences
  • Geological Sciences Department
  • T. Keith Marks Scholarship Fund


  • Mary Oswald Griffitts Memorial Fund

Germanic & Slavic Languages & Literatures

  • Cliff Hall Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Elizabeth Shevchenko Wittenberg Scholarship Fund
  • George Scherer Travel Scholarship
  • German Program Gift Fund
  • Gunnel Thorsin-Hamm Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Nordic/Scandinavian Program Fund
  • Slavic Languages Department

Global Studies RAP


  • Robert C. Rogers Graduate Student Scholarship Endowment Fund


  • Honors Journal Undergraduate Publication Fund
  • Honors Program Fund

Integrative Physiology

  • Healthy Aging Project Fund
  • Integrative Physiology Department

International & National Voluntary Service Training (INVST)

  • INVST Forever Capital Campaign Fund

International Affairs

  • Bernice Udick International Affairs Endowed Fund
  • International Affairs Advisory Board: Global Grants
  • International Affairs Program Fund

Jewish Studies Program

  • Barry and Sue Baer Jewish Studies Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • Bender Foundation Matching Grant Fund
  • Fund for Yiddish Studies in the Program for Jewish Studies
  • Goldberger Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • Israel Palestine Studies Endowed Professorship Fund
  • Jewish Studies Global Initiatives Fund
  • Jim and Diane Shneer Endowed Fellowship Fund
  • Post-Holocaust American Judaism Archive Fund
  • Program in Jewish Studies Fund


  • Linguistics: Languages of Africa Fund


  • John H. "Jack" Hodges Scholarship Fund
  • Mathematics Department
  • Mathematics Graduate Student Fund
  • Richard Laver Graduate Fellowship

Medieval & Early Modern Studies

Molecular, Cellular & Developmental Biology


  • Astronomy Learning Enhancement Fund
  • Colorado Dialect Project Fund
  • Colorado European Union Center of Excellence Fund
  • Comparative Literature Graduate Program Fund
  • CREST Fund
  • Culture, Language, and Social Practice Fund
  • Energy and Minerals Applied Research Center
  • Experimental-Computational Linguistics Fund
  • Latin American Studies Center Support Fund
  • LGBT Studies Certificate Program Endowment Fund
  • Linguistics Graduate Student Research Fund
  • Phi Delta Theta Scholarship - Arts & Sciences
  • Political Science Graduate Fund
  • Sustainability and Social Innovation Residential Academic Program Fund
  • Visiting Scholar in Conservative Thought & Policy Fund

Peace & Conflict Studies

  • Business and the Cultures of Peace Conference Fund
  • Colorado Peace Studies Endowment Fund
  • Colorado Peace Studies Fund


  • Center for Values and Social Policy Fund
  • Philosophy Department


  • Albert A. Bartlett Award in Physics
  • Jing Yin and Ethan Townsend Memorial Physics Fellowship Fund
  • PhET Interactive Simulations Project Fund
  • Physics Department
  • Physics Undergraduate Enrichment Fund

Political Science

  • CU in D.C. Program Fund
  • Davidson Family Fund in Memory of Henry W. Ehrmann and Curtis W. Martin
  • Jacob Van Ek Scholarship Fund
  • Political Science Department
  • Political Science Legacy Endowed Fund

Program for Writing & Rhetoric

Psychology & Neuroscience

  • ADAPT Mittal Research Fund
  • Clinical Psychology Program Fund
  • Linda Watkins Research Support Fund
  • Peter G. Ossorio Memorial Graduate Student Award Fund

Religious Studies

  • Religious Studies Department Fund
  • Robert C. Lester Lectureship in Religious Studies
  • Tibet Himalaya Initiative Fund

Residential Academic Programs

Scholarships/Student Support

  • Kyle Metcalf & Caitlin Epple Memorial Scholarship


  • 3CG Cross Boundary Governance Project Fund
  • Hanson Sociology Research Support Fund
  • Sociology Department

Spanish & Portuguese

Speech, Language & Hearing Sciences

Theatre & Dance

  • Charlotte York Irey Scholarship Fund
  • Dance Discretionary Fund
  • Jamie K. Redmond Dance Scholarship Fund
  • Mable Gaiser Borgmann Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Theatre Discretionary Fund

Visual Arts Complex Building

  • Visual Arts Complex Building Fund

Women and Gender Studies

  • Jean Dubofsky Scholarship in Women and Gender Studies
  • Lucile Berkeley Buchanan Scholarship Endowment Fund