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President's Teaching Scholars Fund #0854016

To provide programmatic support for the President’s Teaching Scholar’s Program at the University of Colorado. What CU’s students need most are great teachers. The people of our state, our nation, and our world have the same need. The President’s Teaching Scholars Program identifies great teachers from each of our campuses who inspire and grow great teaching in projects like the President’s Teaching and Learning Collaborative, in which our best minds focus their research skills on breakthroughs in student learning. But your help is needed to sustain and inspire this work. You can make it possible to add new Teaching Scholars and new projects that won’t be there without you.

Gifts to quasi endowments are invested and distributions pursuant to the CU Foundation’s Spending Policy are available for the fund purpose. However, under circumstances described in the fund documents, all or a portion of a quasi endowment may also be appropriated for the fund purpose.

CU Faculty and Staff may give via payroll deduction. More information here.


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